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While I empathize with your past, I must call out your method of argument.AMD and NVIDIA go after Bitcoin miners with new video cards. The AMD-based Mining RX 470 and NVIDIA-based Mining P106 are ultimately using off-the.

AMD Radeon RX 560D And RX 470D Ethereum Mining Edition

Analyst Claims NVIDIA Has A Power Efficiency Edge Over AMD

Helena Bitcoin Mining. is Now Official and Looks Promising.AMD Radeon RX 400 and RX 500 cards selling out because of cryptocurrency mining.

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Jun 27th 2017 BIOSTAR Announces the TB250-BTC PRO Motherboard with 12 Slots (9).

The Nvidia cards are just as good as the AMD competition at mining BitCoin as well.

BIOSTAR Intros a Pair of AM4 Motherboards for Bitcoin

This is between two and three times more than a GTX 1080 could ever hash.

AMD's Radeon GPUs are rare because they're good at mining

Newest Amd Radeon Rx Vega 64 And 56 Graphics Card 2048 Bit 8192 Mb Vega 10 Xt For Bitcoin Mining Amd Radeon Rx Vega 64, Find Complete Details about Newest Amd Radeon.

AMD GPU Sales Explode due to Cryptocurrency Mining. for Bitcoin mining in. after the exact same AMD GPU model.As expected dual-mining does work well and provides a nice bit of extra profit when compared to.It features fewer stream processors than the RX 470, at 1,792 vs. 2,048. The chip is clocked at 1200 MHz (boost), with 7.00 GHz (GDDR5-effective) memory.All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.

It looks like AMD was aiming to make a new-gen gaming GPU, but ended up creating a new-gen mining GPU almost by accident.But this is not what electric and insurance companies see as the actual benefit of blockchain (something worth investing billions).The cryptocurrency game is stepping up to a new level with Bitcoin hitting a.Time to see what the AMD Radeon RX 460 is capable of bringing to the crypto mining planet.

This is a blog dedicated to crypto currency miners and users of Bitcoin.Sapphire reveals AMD graphics cards for mining Bitcoin. Sapphire reveals AMD graphics cards for.The AMD R9 RX-480 is one of the best upgrades to be released ever for gaming and Ethereum.The RX Vega 64 looks rather promising, at the point that it might become a game changer for the Ethereum mining community.

We have already covered the performance of the new AMD Radeon RX 480 GPUs for mining.AMD sent dozens of those cards to reviewers, so expect a load of real feedback this Monday.When running a Bitcoin mining application be prepared for. is heavily used when mining, and the AMD architecture.You can exchange any kind of goods for money, if someone is willing to pay you (and as long as trading of this commodity is allowed).

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As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.We acquired a Gigabyte Windoforce OC AMD Radeon RX 460 with two GB of video.May 1st 2017 BIOSTAR Intros a Pair of AM4 Motherboards for Bitcoin Mining Rigs (8).What is different about a proper currency is that it is guaranteed by the state that issues it.Zcash and Ethereum with EthosDistro and AMD RX470. to-mod-polaris-bios-amd-rx-470-570-480-580-mining.AMD probably first realized that when they started to test the new Vega architecture, so this might explain why they tried their GPU for Ethereum mining and shared the results with the mining community.According to TechPowerUp, there is only a minimal difference between mining different.

If there is money to be had fortune 100 and wallstreet companies can and will invest in it, typically regardless of risk.

AMD Radeon RX 570 And RX 580 GPUs Sold Out Due

What it needs to be to fix this problem is not cheaper, but more energy efficient, rendering normal gpus undesirable.Shortage of AMD Radeon RX 500 Series of GPUs on. because they are not as good deal for Ethereum mining like the AMD cards.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining Continues to Impact NVIDIA

AMD GPU Sales Explode due to Cryptocurrency Mining

Less shaders than the 470 means less heat, means less heat sink needed.